Sláger FM 

The newest oldies radio on the market

Classic shape and lines for a brand new radio station. Maybe it could be a little controversial. This was the big obstacle in this branding project. When the newly founded radio approached me with the idea of designing a logo for them, I felt myself quite  well, because I worked for radio stations for over 15 years. Official website


Do you remember those futuristic American spaceship shaped cars? At that time in "Atomic age", the logos, the objects radiated speed and dynamism. That was the feeling I definitely wanted to see again in the look of the new radio logo.

Bold & Italic. As I wrote in my sketch. But the most interesting part, though, is that the underlining gave back that real oldies effect to the image.

Official logo

Morning Show billboard

Colorful but confident the new billboard of the Slager FM's  Morning Show! Before the concept was born, I did a lot of research on the logos of the 60s and 70s. What colors they used? What kind of fonts would be the perfect choice? It looks new, but it feels classic. 

In the studio

Corporate branding

Live promotions

Television advertising

Well, after I created the main logo for the radio station, the broadcast corporation started a very new television channel, where we used the corporate logo in a "TV" edition.

Using Format