What your brand says about You?

My "About me" pie-chart says like this:

What I do

My job is make yours easier.

It can be highly frustrating to establish the exact direction, target audience, and clear goals when starting a new firm. That is why it frequently fails. A well-defined brand strategy aids You in simplifying the complex. 

My name is Levi Gaál. Expert in branding and design. I'm ready to assist you in making your company and brand more profitable and valued.

Does Your brand need a direction or have a question?  

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The world of luxury branding is a captivating realm that requires a delicate blend of artistry, strategy, and meticulous attention to detail. Teaching the art of building a luxury brand involves imparting knowledge about exclusivity, craftsmanship, and creating an aspirational lifestyle. 

Think like Dior. Talk like Rolex. Sell like Louis Vuitton!

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New book release

What the F* is BRANDING?

Hard cover book. Coming soon...

You may find yourself pondering the same question that sparked this journey: What the F* is branding, and how does it shape our world in ways we never imagined? The answers await you as we embark on this eye-opening expedition together. Let's venture forth and uncover the magic, the mystery, and the genuine power of branding..

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Branding for free!

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We always facing problems. And we still don't know what to do with them? Than it will definitely help  you! 

This framework outlining for you how to create profit from a problem in 6 easy steps. And it's FREE!

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Behind the scene moment

Follow me and I show you a secret! I know how mysterious you think a logo is to be made in the hands of a designer. Therefore I made a short animation where I show how a concept becomes a reality and how an idea that becomes the logo of a business begins to come to life. 

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