Why I do the very opposite

In a world driven by the pursuit of more, I find solace in pursuing less. While many strive to expand their clientele, I hold a contrary belief—I seek fewer clients.


 Because in doing so, I can dedicate myself wholly to providing unparalleled quality and service. It’s not about quantity; it’s about depth. By limiting my client base, I can cultivate stronger relationships and truly understand the needs of each individual or organization I serve.

In this process, I aim not just to solve problems but to tackle bigger, more complex challenges. This approach isn’t about exclusivity; it’s about commitment. By focusing on a select few, I can ensure that every interaction, every solution, is delivered with utmost care and expertise.

 It’s a deliberate choice from me—one rooted in the belief that true value lies not in the number of clients, but in the impact I can make for each one.

This simple philosophy allows me to offer a level of undivided attention and dedication that transcends mere services. Quality over quantity isn’t just an empty mantra—it’s a guiding principle that shapes every aspect of my work.

So while the world may hungry for more, I find fulfillment in the pursuit of less—less clients, perhaps, but clients who receive nothing short of excellence.

This is the only thing what I pursue with my fullest attention. 

Branding with a slice of lime? Hold my beer!

It’s impossible to build a multi-billion dollar brand with a slice of lime. 🍋 ❌

Hold my beer! 🍺 💪

When every possible corner of the market is oversaturated, it seems quite a struggle to win the consumer’s consumer attention.
Brand loyalty is even more difficult to achieve.

The sea of competitors and advertisements is also a sea of opportunities.
Corona took brand awareness in a brilliant direction. With which he not only earned a suitable distinction for himself, but also managed to achieve an emotional bond and loyalty.

The following pain points were faced:

1. Stress, monotonous lifestyle:
People want to relax and “escape” from a responsible and stressful world.

2. Disconnection from nature:
Modern lifestyles often separate individuals from nature, leading to a desire for authentic outdoor experiences.

3. Desire for connection:
The more opportunities technology offers, the more we feel isolated and seek connection with others and ourselves.

But how did Corona do all this?
He connected the dots of my pain and gave me the opposite through an experience. Logical, right?

Corona’s “Find Your Beach” ritual was great at adapting to each pain point.
The masterful combination of the desire to connect, return to nature and a stress-free life, which the brand gave its customers through an experience.
The ritual of putting a slice of lime in your bottle of beer figuratively takes you to your favorite beach.

As a result, it has become synonymous with the perfect beach experience and a symbol of escape, freedom, and relaxed enjoyment. This is how he developed emotional attachment and brand loyalty.

It’s brilliantly simple, yet extremely powerful.

Takeaway 🔰

When differentiation is important, the power of emotional branding can be the key. If we understand the problems of our consumers and can handle them, then not only one we can build a multi-billion dollar brand, but a customs, rituals and
we can also create a lifestyle that can be synonymous with relaxation.
I recommend not overcomplicating it. Simple problems require simple solutions.
It’s as simple as a slice of lime!

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Branding is a Game!

It seems the easiest but still the biggest obstacle. What is that?💥💭

To define ourselves.

I can say that this is step zero when we do personal branding as entrepreneurs. 🧭🗺️

The difficulty is caused by the fact that, on the one hand, we are constantly changing and developing. On the other hand - and the most difficult - we are constantly thinking about what the segment we want to position ourselves in expects from us. Please don’t ever think about that. ⛔️

I have a highly successful method of how you can define yourself and how you can instantly create clarity.

Imagine a world where you’re not just you, but an embodiment of speed, style, and personality - a parallel universe where you transform into a magnificent car! 🚗🏁

But here’s the kicker: Which car reflects your essence? What are the details? Name it!

For example: As for me, I’d probably be a vintage convertible, cruising through time with a touch of nostalgia. Elegant, but not too flashy. It’s sporty when it needs to be, and you can go on a 1,000-kilometer road trip along the Italian coast with it at any time, because you know it’s stable and reliable. Let say a light blue Porsche Targa from the 70’s 🇮🇹⛱️

It is already clear from one example that you don’t want to start in Formula 1 with this type of car, so don’t force it. But not even the Paris-Dakar rally. The best thing about this task is that you immediately see yourself in a certain context, with the smallest details

Let’s play! Share your parallel car persona below! And remember, it’s not just fun - it’s a glimpse into your own driving force of ambition and success! 💥🏎️

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