I believe resolving obstacles with confidence makes you a real expert and it becomes a value within you. But it's a long way. 

On my way I met many unbelievable and interesting projects and client under the years. From a local dog-furniture shop owners to luxury private jet company or tv talent show  to a desert festival. As I helped them to become more valuable, they made me - and my experiences - so colorful why I'm so grateful now, in my present. 

Building a brand or positioning a newly formed company sometimes is simple. But not easy. 

Discovering life

At first, I gained more than a decade of experience in the media field, mostly on television & radio stations. After that, I looked for opportunities for development at agencies as copywriter & creative director.

I always wanted to know more how the mind-soul-spirit are connected  together. This is how I found the Japanese martial art, the Aikido where I got my answers about focus, mindfulness and the way of life.  Now, after more than 20 years in the Aikido I've been teaching as black belt master for years: How to perfect skills & knowledge day by day. 

Artistic journey

As an artist, I look for my limits, which I can cross with the big pleasure every day. I now spend my days living and working in the wonderful Budapest focused on creating effective visual identities and brand strategies for exciting clients across an array of industries both locally and internationally.

Some inspiration is on the way!

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