My body. My choice.

A Happy New Body Method® 

Health first!

It could be a good slogan and I guess many of them are using it in the fitness-wellness business. But this was the the first thing what popped-up in my mind when I start the design process. Let's dive into the brand!

Behind the scene

The background

Probably You already figured out the My body. My choice. is a professional weight loss method based on scientific researches. It's a quiet unique process what is individually custom made in every case. 

Key elements

100% Healthy nutrition what is so much more than just salads & greens.

With a professional weight loss program.

Fully customized method.

For clients who has no time for gym and excersizes.

The Mentors

Meet the Team!

Committed ambassadors for health. These ladies are determined to significantly transform the eating habits of the people around them. As they say, "you don't have an overweight problem, you have bad eating habits." With the most up-to-date tools and scientific background at their disposal, they help those who want to change and change their daily lives.

Main logo

Monochrome logos

Scalable logo

Social media posts

Playful but clean and serious look in the same time. The colors are young, fresh and a bit romantic.

When the size matters

A simple but well positioned advertise campaign on a big size billboard could be so eye-catchy. The visual concept is mostly based on the "easiness" & "airy" feeling. (how someone feels after a healthy, clean  and refreshing process.



Branding visuals

New year post / social media

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