Emerencia Bencsik

State of the art resin home decor

Designing a logo for a self brand is always a big challenge. If it is an artist is even bigger. Because they are in the other field of creative making, they have a very sophisticated point of view.  How to create a visual identity that will be enough artistic to bringing back the artist's personality in one point, and be so timeless as her arts will be?

Let's talk about the artist first. She is Emerencia Bencsik. The lovely and sweet person who creates such a mesmerizing home decor art with resin. We decided together that the best solution would be to use its monogram as a logo.

And then I faced the hardest question what you'll ever have in the making: What makes a logo timeless & unique? Simplicity? Maybe.

In my view on this question is: Using the usual thing in  an unusual way. If we use this "recipe" in this case is this: E+B.

I avoid to making the logo minimalist, which is such a big fashion these days. Instead, I drew the logo from a classic serif font that radiates heritage & confidence.

Alternative colors

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