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Be a master of your Personal Brand!

In the recent months, 

I have been studying educational development in a course at Harvard University, where I have noticed that there is no such thing as a bad student.

Quite simply, until you see how a process - in this case learning - can permanently benefit your life, to improve its quality for as long as possible, then it will not be attractive to you, and you will not invest time & energy in it.

Behind-the-scenes secrets

 and best practices. After more than 15 years of media experience, building televisions, radios, advertising agencies abroad and domestically as well as other successful brands, I compiled my own brand building strategy into an easy-to-understand system. Take the knowledge with you from the basics to the creation of a complete and successful own brand and build your own system, regardless of size!

The process

The MasterClass consists of 4 main units. These chapters bring you ever closer to effective self-branding. In this way, the system itself will be efficient and functional.

First Chapter: You & the Now

In this chapter, we will examine how far your previous knowledge, experiences and way of thinking have taken you in your success. This chapter is perhaps the most important, since the own brand always starts from us. If our self-image is not stable enough, our self-confidence is not bulletproof, if we are not sure how to make decisions, then we do not have the reliable foundation on which to build our real professional knowledge. In Chapter One, we cover the following:

The beginnings

  • Problems & stucks
  • School heritage
  • Success vs. Ego
  • Comfort is KING
  • Limited awareness
  • Family patterns

Believe system

  • Faith  & self assessment
  • Validation
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Inner journey
  • Hero cycle
  • New Mindset

  • Enough & Unique
  • Poor vs Rich mindset
  • Bulletproof confidence
  • Art of procrastination
  • The Real me

  • Ikigai - propose of life
  • Goals & Dreams
  • 5 winning habits 

  • Second Chapter: You & the Expertise

    Here we learn about what makes someone a professional who has valuable knowledge, and the world and clients are happy to pay for this knowledge, experience, and for what they are. Among other things, we will examine what tools are necessary to build respect, trust and recognition around you so that you are almost irreplaceable regardless of geographical distances. In Chapter Two we learn:

    The Expert

    • Your Business intro
    • Elevator pitch
    • Why people fail
    • Execution vs. Expertise

    The Niche

    • Time management
    • Project management triangle
    • Special Behavior
    • Finding the Niche
    • The Real Expert

    The Respect

    • Your new intro
    • The Magic 5
    • Make people to respect you
    • Positioning: High End Expert

    The Decision maker

    • Building trust
    • The Top 10
    • Complex problem Big Money
    • Making decision
    • Eisenhover Method

    Third Chapter: You & the Brand

    After building stable foundations and becoming a professional, the time has come to show yourself to the world and attract attention, since we already have a lot of things in our hands that are interesting on the one hand, and necessary for the world on the other. We will do this with the following steps:

    Reason of Existence

    • Visions
    • You are not your brand
    • The Brand Plan
    • The WHY

    Your Story

    • Brand pillars
    • Storytelling
    • Tone  & Voice
    • Choose a side
    • The Tribe

    Visual Image

    • The Logo
    • Visual branding
    • Color psychology
    • What makes a great logo

    Your Network

    • Life on the SocMed
    • Content creation
    • How to comment
    • Bulding a network
    • Adverts & promos
    • How to ask
    • 5 essential questions

    Fourth Chapter: You & Money

    Those entrepreneurs who are very talented and have an incredibly high level of expertise lose business opportunities and serious incomes in most cases because they cannot - and in many cases - do not dare to talk and negotiate about money. This problem is now permanently eliminated here! In this final chapter, you will learn:


    • 5 ways of selling
    • The perfect target
    • Pricing & Proposal

    Double up!

    • Raise your prices
    • Say NO!
    • They won't buy?

    The Bestseller

    • How to sell anything
    • Win without pitching
    • Selling success

    High Ticket Ride

    • Having a High Ticket Client
    • Make the DEAL
    • The Close

    How the Masterclass works:

    In all cases, it is done individually, on a personalized basis, at a flexible time.
    The MasterClass is  16 weeks long (once a week)
     Occasionally in 90 minutes.

    During the training, 2 hours of free consultation on the topic of your choice
    90-minute strategy consultation at a flexible time
    24/7 WhatsApp access (Mon-Fri)


    you decide anything let have a talk about it! Book now a short free consultation call!

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